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The CSA Unsafe Driving BASIC
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Safety is the highest priority at Fleet Car. The safety of our drivers as well as the general motoring public is of paramount importance to all of us. By following all traffic laws, you are protecting your fellow motorists, decreasing the possibility of an accident and increasing the probability of you and your cargo arriving to your destination safe and without incident.


The CSA Unsafe Driving BASIC addresses the requirements within the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR’s), specifically 49 CFR Parts 392 and 397, and refers to the operation of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) by drivers in a dangerous or careless manner.


What Data goes into the CSA Unsafe Driving BASIC?

The CSA Unsafe Driving BASIC uses traffic violations noted on roadside inspections reports to calculate driver and carrier performance. This has nothing to do with the driver receiving a “warning” “citation,” or “ticket.” Warnings and citations are a totally different matter, having to do with the driver’s license, not the CSA data collection system. To be clear, if a moving violation is noted on a roadside inspection report, (with or without an accompanying citation, or ticket) the violation will be entered into the driver’s and carrier’s Unsafe Driving BASIC in the CSA data system.


Examples of traffic violations that you may find in the CSA Unsafe Driving BASIC include:

Please adhere to all traffic regulations and always avoid the unsafe practices listed above. Let's keep you and everyone else on the road safe!



If you have any questions, please contact Tom Mitchell, Ron Dixon, or Jerry Burke today for assistance.  

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