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Accident Prevention - Backing Tips
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Backing:  Always Avoid it When Possible!


Backing is the number one cause of vehicle collisions.  Plan ahead and try to park in a way for you to avoid backing when you are ready to move again.  That’s not possible all the time, but even when you know you will have to back out, you can think ahead and leave yourself the best scenario for when you must back up.  


While backing:


If you are unsure while backing, STOP!  Set a GOAL(Get Out And Look).


If you need a spotter, don’t hesitate to use one.  While using a spotter:


PACE Defensive Driving Program

Our partners with Marsh Insurance and Fleet Solutions offer all Fleet Car Owner Operators and Drivers a defensive driving program called PACE. The program is free and it is completed on-line. If you are interesting in taking PACE, please contact Tom Mitchell or MaryEllen Lanfranco in Fleet Car’s Safety Department to get registered. Both Tom and MaryEllen can be reached by calling 800-453-3256 and selecting the Safety Department (option 2).    

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