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2017 Nissan Business Expansion Award
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Fleet Car Carriers has been awarded the 2017 Nissan Logistics Business Expansion Award!

In a letter presented with the award, Nissan stated:

 “Nissan North America, Inc. recognizes Fleet Car Carriers for their contribution to the Nissan Power 88 business plan. Fleet Car has been supporting Nissan not only at their contraccontractual locations but also at other locations where backups are needed by ensuring   Nissan’s requirements are met for changing volumes. Fleet Car has been able to grow consistently with Nissan by handling current business as well as additional backup showing their flexibility and understanding of how to grow a business.”

This recognition would not be possible without the efforts of the Owner Operators, Drivers and Employees who all played a part in this achievement. Thank you very much for your hard work – your efforts are noticed and appreciated! 



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